The former soap factory in Bolhão is now

A rose. And around it green, lots of green, lots of trees, other flowers and grass accompanied by an outdoor swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. It will be like that, in the heart of Porto and in the heart of the former factory of Sabão do Bolhão, the most recent and restful garden in our city, equally prepared for the celebration of events and weddings.

The former soap factory in Bolhão is now

The 3 years of reconstruction and remodeling, with total respect for the building’s history and design, never lost sight of the fact that the garden would have to be the theme and central nucleus of Bonjardim 560. It extends into the interior, and it inspires the smallest details in the decoration of all its spaces, and is present in the names of the rooms and suites, named after floral fragrances.

The former soap factory in Bolhão is now

But not just any spa: we chose the B’Spa, The Perfect B’Experience, so that we can offer you an engaging environment and a set of personalized spa therapies, perfect to provide relaxation, revitalization and healing experiences, always with the most absolute respect for the environment through sustainable practices.

The former soap factory in Bolhão is now

We asked the prestigious Porto historian Francisco Queiroz to prepare a book with a detailed history of all the lives that Bonjardim 560 lived over the centuries. This book, which also includes a detailed description of all the steps to rebuild the space, will be available to our guests and the general public.

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