Restoring forests at Landgoed Zuylestein

The beautiful country estate Landgoed Zuylestein is located in Leersum, in Utrecht. Trees for All is working there on the restoration of a monumental forest, which sustained serious damage in 2021 due to heavy storms. A strong fall wind, as it is known, combined with extreme rainfall and gusts, meant that many trees were blown down, uprooted or snapped. The trees that remained standing were split or severely damaged. The situation was so unsafe that the province of Utrecht immediately granted a felling licence for a number of plots. Landgoed Zuylestein wanted to restore the forest, but could not do so alone. So they called on Trees for All for help. And thanks to the donations from Hotels for Trees, a successful start was then made on restoring the forests on this country estate.

On the country estate, we’re working on three different restoration activities: restoring the avenues of the star-shaped woods, restoring the forest plots of those woods, and restoring a coppice further along the estate. Hotels for Trees has contributed to the latter two activities. Thanks to the donations from Hotels for Trees, we were able to plant a total of 10,715 trees: 5,715 for the restoration of the coppice (these are already in the ground) and 5,000 for the restoration of the forest plots (these will be planted during the 2023-2024 planting season).

Here you can read more about our very own Hotels for Trees project