Uganda – Rainforest restoration and protection

Kibale National Park in Uganda is one of the most beautiful rainforests in East Africa with a huge variety of species. Due to deforestation in the past, this green oasis is not what it once was. In the 1960s after independence, Uganda experienced a few decades of reign of terror. People who were not part of the privileged tribes had to flee and seek protection in the forests and mountains. In order to survive here, trees were cut down and fields and pastures were created in nature reserves. In the 1990s the country changed back into a peaceful democracy. Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) started a reforestation project at that time. The goal was to return the national park to its original state and restore the ecosystem. Since 2018, Trees for All has been helping to restore Kibale National Park. They do this together with Greenchoice, Face the Future and the UWA. The UWA ensures that the forest will remain protected in the future. In total some 125 villagers are involved in the project and so it also generates extra income for the local population.