Pennsylvania North America – Keystone

Adding 513 native trees to the Pennsylvania landscape together with One Tree Planted will improve the Bay’s water quality by stabilizing stream and river banks, filtering water flow from agricultural, urban, and abandoned mine land environments. Unprecedented resources and streamlined access to diverse species of high-quality trees and supplies to encourage healthy forest buffer implementation. The goal is more than just planting trees. The proposal insists on services and products that favor thriving forest buffers that result in significant nutrient and sediment reductions for years. Believing the quality offered within this proposal will encourage others to offer similar practices netting accelerated buffer implementation throughout PA. 

Community Benefits

Adding 10 million native trees to the Pennsylvania landscape will boost the economy through trees’ ability to reduce public health costs, crime, and engaging local industry such as nurseries, garden centers and like-minded industries. The Partnership contracts annually with growers in the mid-Atlantic to purchase trees and supplies in advance of production, generally 16-24 months prior to delivery. Contracts include a specified price, quantity, species list, quantity, delivery date, and include preferences for local contractors, job creation, and socially and ecologically beneficial production practices. Forward contracting addresses a shortage and diversity of trees available for purchase in the region by increasing the predictability of the market for suppliers. Forward contracts have an extensive track record in stabilizing supply, price, and quality in the agricultural and energy markets. The partnership’s forward contract request for proposals give preference to growers in Pennsylvania in order to support economic and workforce development in the region. Communities benefit through workforce development, economic resilience, and ecological benefits.