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01-07-2021 - 31-12-2023


Sulawesi Indonesia – More tropical rainforest

On Sulawesi, we are supporting Trees for All, in planting 160,000 trees to transform monotonous grassland back into tropical rainforest. We are doing this together with the Masarang Foundation, founded by Dr Willie Smits. The project also provides work and income to the surrounding communities. In this way, we are restoring a unique ecosystem in Indonesia and the local population is also benefiting.

From forests and hills to lakes and coral reefs, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has a unique ecosystem. The rainforest is home to dozens of animal species found nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, some 80% of their habitat has disappeared due to deforestation.

What remains are grasslands where only stubborn grass grows. This prevents trees from growing and endangers the habitat of many animals. We are going to do something about it!

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