Le Petit Marin Boutique Hotel

Are you ready to be amazed in and by Rotterdam? Le Marin Hotels makes it easy as can be with a warm, charming home base in a city where adventure awaits you. The historical Henegouwerplein in Rotterdam-West is the backdrop to a new designer city hotel. Take our highlights map and discover the port city\’s hidden gems. Whether you choose a room at Le Marin Boutique Hotel (Henegouwerplein) or opt for its smaller brother Le Petit Marin Boutique Hotel (Graaf Florisstraat) just 300 metres away, the rooms are all just as beautiful and luxurious. Le Petit Marin is a bit smaller, so you\’ll only find suites here, as well as a handy 24 hour self check-in. But don\’t you worry: you can reserve your breakfast to-go and we’ll even have some fresh hot coffee.



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