Court Hotel

Court Hotel

Korte Nieuwstraat 14, 3512 NM Utrecht, Netherlands

15 rooms

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During renovation work in 1854, a pot of gold coins was found just a stone’s throw away from the courthouse. The contractor, his workers and the city of Utrecht all wanted to claim this treasure. The case was taken to court, where it was decided the money would be split evenly between two parties: the contractor’s workers and the city of Utrecht. This meant the contractor was left with nothing; his workers felt so sorry for him that they decided to donate a quarter of the money to him. The initial plan was to place a scaffold on the square. However, the wealthy people living in  Hamburgerstraat found this very inappropriate and successfully protested against it.

Court Hotel and De Rechtbank restaurant were acquired by real estate and hospitality gurus Paul Westra and Hans Pieters a few years ago. With the addition of Court Hotel to their portfolio they began their first hotel adventure. With a carefully assembled team of real ‘people’s people’, to whom hospitality is second nature, they will go to any length to provide their guests with an unforgettable stay.