United Kingdom – 700 metres of hedgerows in Canterbury

Together with Sylva Nova, we planted 700 metres of hedges on the Junior Kings’s School grounds. This way, we increase biodiversity along the river and provide a greener environment for the students.

The hedges were planted along the River Stour on the playing fields of Junior Kings’s School. In doing so, we are creating a ‘green-blue corridor’: a connection of water, trees and plants. This allows animals to move more easily between the protected nature reserves along the Stour.

The hedge also provides shelter. Birds such as nightingales, reed buntings, robins and blackbirds will soon be able to nest in the hedges again. Thus, the project contributes to more biodiversity in the area.

In addition, a large area opposite the railway line is being redeveloped. This green partition will keep the new housing developments out of sight of the school and allow pupils to enjoy a green view.

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