Post Plaza Hotel

Post Plaza Hotel

Tweebaksmarkt 27, 8911 KW Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

156 rooms

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There is only one Post-Plaza. Nothing is standard and every detail has been thought through. Post-Plaza is all about the (hi)story and the experience. Post-Plaza is unique! If you have been our guest, we want you to let the homefront not only know how beautiful te city of Leeuwarden is, but also that you have been to Post-Plaza. You have a special story to tell!


We’ve given the former Leeuwarden post office a second life in 2015 as a metropolitan Grand-Café with 42 hotel rooms. You can see the old post office in innumerable details throughout the building. A glass passage connects the old post office to the other side of the hotel; a historical former bank that is almost as old as the post office. This building houses another 40 rooms and our Front Office, where you’ll be able to check in, get some tips about Leeuwarden. This is where you can direct your questions during your stay and where we’ll say our goodbyes.

More than 100 special characters work at Post-Plaza. With all 1 thing in common; we are entrepreneurs with a passion for our guests. Authenticity is most important. Making mistakes is allowed, however decisions must be made. By placing the responsibility where it belongs, makes us different. An awake company that is able to respond to new trends and developments. And our enthusiasm. We are Post-Plaza!